How does OOLinx Daily Deals work?
OOLinx Daily Deals offers great daily deals on new places to visit, great gifts to give, tasty things to eat and exciting things to do in your area. We are able to offer these terrific discounts because we provide participating businesses the promotional tools to maximize the response to their Daily Deals. OOLinx Daily Deals’s corporate offices are located in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Does there need to be a minimum number of coupons sold for the OOLinx Daily Deals to become active?
No, there is no minimum number of purchases required for you to take advantage of the OOLinx Daily Deals.

How can I take advantage of the OOLinx Daily Deals?
Once you have signed up and have a OOLinx Daily Deals account, all you have to do is to click on the Get It NOW button before the deal is scheduled to end to take advantage of the deal. Your account (either PayPal or Credit Card) will be charged and you will receive an e-mail confirming payment with your coupon so you can print your coupon and redeem your purchase.

I’m trying to buy multiple and different OOLinx Daily Deals at once but the site won’t allow me to!
At this time, OOLinx Daily Deals can only process one purchase of one type of item at a time.

Can I buy a OOLinx Daily Deals as a gift?
Yes, you can treat your family or friends to the great deals OOLinx Daily Deals has to offer! Simply email the deal coupon link to your family or friends after purchase.

Is there an expiry date for the OOLinx Daily Deals I have purchased?
Yes, there is generally an expiry date on the Promotional Value of the coupon and it can be found in the fine print on deal page. However, the paid value of the coupon does NOT expire.

How do I use the OOLinx Daily Deals Coupon I have purchased?
Once you have purchased the deal, you will receive an e-mail from OOLinx dailydeals – this e-mail will have your payment confirmation with your coupon for your deal. Full instructions on how to redeem the OOLinx Daily Deals will be on the coupon. You can also access the coupon and this information by going to My Coupons or My Orders under your Profile page.

I can’t tell if my order has gone through or not – I didn’t receive an e-mail!
The payment confirmation and coupon e-mail is sent within 5 minutes of you making your purchase. If you want to confirm that your order has gone through, go to My Coupons or My Orders under your Profile page. Otherwise, check your e-mail’s Spam or Junk folder if it doesn’t arrive in your inbox.

My order was placed last week and the site still says ‘Ready for Shipping’! When can I expect to receive it?
The status update in your OOLinx Daily Deals account is independent of the status of your shipment with the supplier. If the merchant provides us with a tracking number, we get that information to you and change the status of your item to ‘Shipped’. If the merchant doesn’t get that information to us, then the status remains as is, even though it may have been shipped to you already. Please review the coupon details for your deal in order to get an idea of the time needed for delivery.

What if the business I purchased the OOLinx Daily Deals from goes out of business?
If anything happens to the business you purchased the OOLinx Daily Deals from before you can redeem it, we guarantee that your money will be refunded.

I won’t be able to use my coupon, can I get a refund?
The OOLinx Daily Deals refund policy is thus: “As each deal is different, the conditions for a refund can vary as well”. The refund policy will be stated on the deals page and it can be found in the fine print.

I have a question about the deal – what can I do?
Click here to contact us with as much information as possible or call us at 1-778-760-1433. We’d be happy to help!

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